Sofa Set Models to Compliment Different Décor Designs

Unquestionably sofa set takes the center stage in any living room. It is the most crucial piece of furniture, because it’s the first thing that greets visitors, hosts movie nights, and provides comfort on lazy Sunday afternoons. The choice of sofa in your living room totally depends on a number of variables like the square feet area of your space, your finances, personal perfences, and ofcourse the theme of your living room.

Newer, more modern sofa set models have encroached the world of furniture these days. You may find yourself wondering what sort of design will best suit your space, fret not, and read on as we explain the different varities of sofa sets along with useful recommendations, so that it’s easier for you to take a decision.

  1. Traditional Wodden Sofa: As the name suggests, the frame work of sofa is made out of sturdy wood, and this model of sofa set adds a rustic feel to your interiors. This model of sofa set has been long preferred by Indians because it provides a nice, firm support to the back when you sit on it. Typically these come in model of a set of a single three seater and two one seater sofa. If you are inclined towards staying rooted to your tradition and want that to reflect in your décor, then this model of sofa set makes an ideal addition to your interor.
  2. L-Shaped Sofa: If you are a fan of more open spaces, then L-shape sofa also known as corner sofa is something that you should explore. This model effectively utilizes the corner space of the room, leaving enough free space for the walkway. Additionally if you live in a house with small living space, then L-shaped sofa can prove be a good choice.
  3. Loveseat: When we talk about sofa sets that are suitable for small spaces, then loveseat model has to take the spotlight. These usually come in a compact two seater sofa model, with minimalistic design, yet exudes great style. Loveseat are also a good choice for your study room, or any such space where you want to arrange an additional seating, minus the bulkiness.
  4. Lounger Sofa: If luxurious things attract you, then you will totally love the lounger sofa set model. Most often, lounger sofas are used for a relaxed setting intended to promote rest and relaxation. This model combines the elements of a sofa and a lounger chair. This model comes with expandable leg rest which allows you to kick back stress and stretch your legs. The arms are well cushioned, and this model of sofa set is synonoums to opulence. If you are lucky to live in a house with large living room space, then don’t forget to lay your hands on this model.
  5. Camel back sofa: Camel back sofa add a touch of royalty to your interiors. One of the most exquisite varieties, this a must have model to give your living room an elegant look. These kinds of sofa sets come in a variety of designs, construction materials, and colours.

Your living room’s furnishings and accessories these days often determine your social status, so make a choice that best reflects your personality.

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