3 Cool Fall Fashion Trends for Men to Try This Season

The idea of assembling a fresh wardrobe for autumn can seem overwhelming. Thankfully, fall is one of the best seasons for men’s clothing. At this time of year, men can layer several options with more fabric without hiding everything beneath an oversized winter jacket.

When building an autumn wardrobe, the keys to success are balance and focus. You want clothing and accessories, like gold chains with pendants, that allow freedom of movement and keep you warm and confident as you take on the day.

Autumn Is a Great Season for Fashion

One of the reasons why autumn is an exciting time for stylish men is that it allows them to wear more than just shorts and a T-shirt. Smart casual outfits and dressier looks are great for fall.

Fall colors for clothing are usually flattering for men. They are typically deep and muted. Fall is a time for men to wear burgundy, rust, gray, and mustard-colored clothing. It is common to see men couple warm and cool colors, like blue for their jeans or pants, and warmer colors like rust or mustard on the top.

You want to stay away from bright, saturated colors. Light-to-medium yellows, blues, and greens are better left for the spring and summer months. If you want a subtle way to express yourself that doesn’t clash with your fall outfit, gold earrings for men are an ideal way to accomplish this. They can add a touch of style and uniqueness without overshadowing your clothing.

1. A Classic Plaid Shirt

A plaid shirt epitomizes casual style. When you associate plaid shirts with autumn, flannel immediately comes to mind. Flannel shirts are a basic wardrobe necessity for every man. Whether you envision a farmer engaged in a fall harvest or friends trekking through the woods to savor the changing colors of autumn, plaid shirts suit the occasion.

Cities worldwide regularly feature plaid flannel shirts for winter. To make a plaid shirt exude autumn charm, you need to master the art of wearing it.

Pairing plaid flannel shirts with chinos exudes casual charisma. The advantage of combining flannel with chinos lies in its versatility. You can tuck the shirt in with a black or brown belt for a polished look or leave it untucked, complemented by a sleek Franco chain for a more relaxed appearance.

On warmer autumn days, leave your plaid flannel shirt unbuttoned, and pair it with a solid-color T-shirt. The contrast between the plaid flannel and a white or black T-shirt injects freshness and vitality into your look. Elevate your style by rolling your sleeves halfway, and complete the ensemble with dark denim jeans.

For colder autumn days, match your plaid flannel shirt with jeans. For an edgier look, layer it with a boldly colored jacket. Finish off the look with either chinos or denim, and you’ll sport a style others want to emulate.

2. Cool Corduroy Looks

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Corduroy is an old-school fabric that’s timeless. During the fall, corduroy pants are a staple. The material is heavy and warm enough and usually can be purchased in subdued colors that are perfect for fall. Corduroy isn’t limited to pants. It shows up in jackets, hats, and work shirts, too.

Corduroy, with its laid-back vibe, is typically considered casual. However, it can be dressed up slightly for a smart casual look. The nice thing about corduroy is that it has a lot of texture and personality. But you need to be careful with how you accessorize. You want the corduroy to be the star of your attire. During the fall, pair corduroys with smooth sweaters, or if you’re using a corduroy blazer, couple it with a solid-colored button-down. Unless you have the street cred to wear an entire corduroy suit, it’s recommended that you wear one piece of corduroy at a time.

You need to find the corduroy garments that match the image you want to portray. Corduroy paired with tweed is often linked to academics. The idea is to be professional — or professorial if you like — without being stuffy. Corduroy pants offer more comfort than jeans and are more appealing than wearing chinos. Corduroy is typically available in subdued colors like navy, brown, or gray. The thicker the ribs of the corduroy, the more casual it is deemed to be. Pick your outfit accordingly.

3. Cozy Knitwear

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Knitwear is a great way to add complexity to your look during the fall season. It allows you to inject some dimension and seasonality into your look. Autumn is the time to wear layers. If you have a jacket over a sweater, you can take the jacket off and still feel like you’re appropriately dressed.

Knitwear is available in various materials ranging from alpaca to cotton and linen. If you want to get the benefits of both fashion and function from a sweater, stay away from synthetic fibers. They don’t breathe well, and they don’t look as good. Solid-colored sweaters, typically knitted from a single color of thread, are attractive during the fall. You want your sweater to have a timeless appeal. It should not have brands or logos. You can add a touch of spice to your knitwear by coupling it with a gold chain or a nice watch.

Enjoy Dressing for Fall

Dressing well in the fall isn’t just about looking good. It’s also a way to embrace the unique character and warmth of the season. As the leaves change and the air turns crisp, your attire can mirror the transformation, showcasing your style and personality. It’s a chance to experiment with textures, layers, and colors that keep you cozy and make a statement. Present your best self through thoughtful and stylish dressing this fall, letting your personality shine with every well-chosen garment.

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