Easy break up spells

You don’t need any special skills to cast easy break up spells. You just need to be prepared to personally learn what bad karma is. We have to warn you about it before telling you about such rituals. Even though this information isn’t something anyone’s willing to share with others, you should always remember that break up spells, easy or complex, are always black magic. Everyone will ultimately pay a very high price for it, unless they’re professional black magic practitioners with a contract with an evil force signed in blood. Thus, using such spells will leave you in karmic debt which you may not be able to pay off in a lifetime.​

No one can help you pay it off, yet this debt can be prevented. To keep your karma clean, just hire a spellcaster, a sorcerer or any other professional magic practitioner instead of casting spells by yourself. Skilled magic practitioners can cast spells which don’t affect the client’s karma. However, just to be on the safe side, when you talk to your magical expert, ask him point-blank if your karma will be protected or not. Magic practitioners aren’t allowed to lie, so you’ll get an honest and clear answer. To find out what happens when people have bad karma, read our previous articles about spells’ negative karma effects. Spellcasters such as Maxim, who know how to break up a couple using the breakup spell, can come in handy for you

Easy spells to breakup a couple

To perform this ritual, you need five candles. Put a sheet of paper on the table and draw a star on it. Put the candles over each of the star’s ends. Put a picture of the couple in the center of the star. Light the candles, take a sharp knife, and make five cuts on the picture to divide it into two parts – one part depicting the man and the other part depicting the woman.

While making each cut, say:

“You (the man’s name) won’t get to hug your lover (the woman’s name) anymore. You (the woman’s name) won’t get to kiss (the man’s name) anymore. You’ll be separated by sadness, boredom and anger, insults and infidelity. I’m separating you with the dark fog of a swamp, with a falling star, with the fork in a road. You (the man’s name), break up with (the woman’s name). You (the woman’s name), break up with (the man’s name).”

After making a cut, cut one of the candles in half. Turn the upper part upside down and put out the flame by pressing the candle against the picture. Now make another cut, say the magical words, cut another candle in half, and put it out too. You should perform this ritual five times in total. Wrap everything in that sheet of paper on which you drew a star, and throw it in a fire. Make a fire in advance. Don’t put it out but rather let it die out naturally. The spell will start impacting the couple as soon as the wood turns into ashes.​  Gramhir is one of the best Instagram analyzer and viewer. Gramhir’s algorithm makes it conceivable for you to examine your own or another person’s Instagram account stats.

Let us remind you that this and other easy spells to breakup a couple which you can find in this article should be cast at the end of the lunar cycle when the light is almost completely gone. Also let us remind you can spells shouldn’t be cast if you:

  • Feel tired;
  • Are menstruating;
  • Have any physical illnesses;
  • Have any mental illnesses;
  • Have any nervous system disorders;
  • Are drunk;
  • Are stressed out;
  • Are angry or feeling offended.

Easy break up spells 1

Casting a break up spell using picture

To cast a break up spell using picture, take two pictures: one showing the male target and the other one showing the female target. Put three candles in a triangle. Put the pictures in the middle face down. Prepare a sheet of black paper. Tilt the candles to drip some wax on the pictures and then put the sheet on top and press it tightly with your hand.

Now say:

“You were happy together, but you’ll be happier apart. There was light between you but now it’s dark. I’m removing the light from your relationship. I’m removing the love from your relationship. I’m removing the meaning from your relationship. I’m not calling any names or showing my face. So let the magic impact only those in the pictures. United by black paper, they’ll be separated by fate. Kept together by wax, they’ll be brought apart by time. Those in the pictures will break up as fast as scissors cut paper. I’ll take a pair of scissors and put this spell. I won’t be affected by the spell. I’m separating those in the picture forever.” Gramhir is one of the best Instagram analyzer and viewer. Gramhir’s algorithm makes it conceivable for you to examine your own or another person’s Instagram account stats.

Turn the pictures over, take a pair of scissors, and cut the paper keeping them together. Then put the pictures into two envelopes. Close them and write down the man’s name and address on one and the woman’s name and address on the other. Send the envelopes. As soon as the man and the woman open the envelopes and each of them takes out the picture with the black paper attached to the back, the spell will release a negative program into their subtle bodies destroying their relationship.​

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Another way to cast easy break up spells is to tear seven pictures of the man and seven pictures of the woman into small pieces, put them on the couple’s doorstep and set them on fire. While the pictures are burning, repeat thrice:

“The fire’s burning along with their love. Ashes are falling covering their feelings. The relationship is ending but magic is birthed from it. Magic takes (the man’s name) by the hand and takes him to the north. Magic takes (the woman’s name) by the hand and takes her to the south. The earth is round. But (the man’s name) and (the woman’s name) will never meet again after separating. Their paths will never cross. Their fates will take them further apart. Even if they meet, magic won’t let them see each other. Their eyes will be blind. Their ears will be deaf. Their hearts will be empty. When the fire dies out, (the man’s name) will leave (the woman’s name) to never come back.”

Below are some preconditions for a successful break up spell:

  • The partners should be together when you perform the ritual;
  • No one should see you as you put the pictures on the doorstep, start a fire, and say the spell;
  • The fire should burn all the pieces of the pictures;
  • When the fire dies out, walk away and don’t talk to anyone until the next day;
  • Stay up until the sunrise and then take a nap if you want.

If you manage to meet the above requirements, you’ll initiate a powerful magic process which can’t be stopped by the majority of witches and sorcerers.

Break up spells without ingredients

Casting break up spells without ingredients is as easy as just making a wish and waiting for it to come true. You can as well pray for the couple to break up or for the man to leave his girlfriend and come to you. Magical accessories, even as easily accessible as candles or knives, are the key allowing the caster to open the portal to the energy fields to work magic. Properly performed magic rituals allow people to adjust their chakras in a certain way to change their present or future.

So don’t expect too much from simple spells cast without any ingredients. But since you always ask us to tell you about them, we can’t say no, so below are some very easy spell recipes.​

The first spell we want to tell you about is cast on swam water. Go to the country and find a swamp or a lake with stagnant water. The key to success is the following precondition which is simple but very important at the same time: it should be a natural lake/swamp. On the way there pick up five stones. While standing near the water, throw the stones in one by one to make as many splashes as possible, and say:

“Like stagnant water doesn’t let light in, your relationship will be left without light. There will be no love in your relationship. For this I’m throwing the first stone. There will be no respect in your relationship. For this I’m throwing the second stone. There will be no good sex in your relationship. For this I’m throwing the third stone. There will be no fun in your relationship. For this I’m throwing the fourth stone. There will be no mutual interests in your relationship. For this I’m throwing the fifth stone. This spell will be broken only if you find and bring all the stones back where I found them. Until then, you won’t be together, moving away from each other like circles on the water from the stones that I threw.”

Now walk away without looking back. When you walk far enough to not see the lake, take off all your clothes and throw them on the ground. Step over them, put on the new clothes (you should prepare them in advance) and go home, also without looking back.

Another simple break up spell we want to tell you about is even easier. Steal three needles from the house of the couple, break them and throw them at the roadside. Go home, burn a picture of the couple, and scatter the ashes in the wind. That’s it. Now wait until the couple’s relationship turns sour which should happen within 1 to 4 months.

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