Jun88 – It’s false about the accusations around the house

Jun88 frequently involved in scam rumors, which makes many players afraid to join. These rumors have caused great damage to the reputation of the house. This bookie is known to be the leader in prestige in the market, so this information has surprised many people. Whetherhomefemale jun88site HavedeceiveislandniceAre not? Let’s find the answer togetherstandardcorpsebestin the article below.

The reason for the rumorsfoxtieJun88 dealer scam?

One of the sources of this rumor is a competitor. They planned and spread false rumors about this playground. The main purpose is to bring down the reputation, make players withdraw from anxietyJun88

The cause of the scam rumors also comes from individuals who take advantage of the house’s reputation to serve their own interests. These people have created fake websites and put them on the market. They entice and trap new players, inexperienced people to join.

By scams such as offering super promotions has attracted a large number of players. Not only that, many people also have their personal information and banking information stolen.

The main causes of bad rumors

What shocking scam rumors has Jun88 been involved in?

Friend It is easy to find denunciationsJun88site scams on websites. Each article will have different disclosure information. Here are some typical articles about these rumors:

Jun88 game portal does not allow members to withdraw bonuses

This is one of the most common rumors about the house. Some members have accused the house of not allowing players to withdraw money after winning. Specifically: a post claimed that he had played for 100 million and wanted to withdraw to his account to use. However, when making the transaction, the house quickly rejected the request.

The second rumor talks about losing here

An issue related to fraud in the betting environment. A player shared on a large group, he plays at the house Jun88 and never won. He invested a lot of money and did a lot of research before playing but only got back losing results.

Rumor of the house stealing player’s deposit

An article that attracts quite a lot of people interested in top-up transactions. Specifically, this person has deposited an amount of about 20 million into the systems that do not update the balance. He waited for a while and contacted the customer service team but to no avail.

Jun88 Its false about the accusations around the house1

Some rumors appeared on groups

The correct answer to the rumors from the Jun88 bookie

Let’s decipher the scam rumors through the following information:

Is Jun88 a safe and legal house?

This is considered to be the biggest determining factor in proving those rumors to be untrue.

Dealer Jun88 owned by M.A.N Entertainment Group. Besides, this bookie is also legally licensed by First Cagayan international organization, PAGCOR and the Costa Rican government. This is one of the most reputable organizations in terms of gender in the field of online betting.

Obviously, only a reputable bookie will receive these licenses. In particular, during the operation of these organizations will be extremely strict supervision. If there are signs of fraud, these organizations willdaysscenenewspapergivePeopleplay.

Jun88 is a bookie with wide coverage in the world

Talking about the large coverage of the house, it is the name at the top of this list. The game portal has been present in many countries such as Thailand, China, Indonesia ….

FortalentclauseSatisfied đăng ký jun88 For many years or professional players, they completely see the quality that this house offers. Besides, Jun88 always get high ratings from players. Along with the achievements that this house has built, it proves that these rumors are completely untrue.

Jun88 Its false about the accusations around the house2

Some proofs that rumors about Jun88 are completely untrue

Security system and transaction process of the house

Jun88has long received certification from Geotrust unit for modern security system. This proves, this is a reliable betting playground, there can be no violating activities.

The process of depositing and withdrawing money at this game portal takes place very quickly, only 3-5 minutes. This is quite a prominent time in the market compared to other gaming portals. In addition, the bookie also cooperates with many famous domestic and foreign banks. At the same time, they also support a variety of payment methods for players.

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