Shooting Fish Hi88 – Top 5 Best “Hot” Fish Shooting Superfoods

Fishing Hi88 is always the favorite choice of bettors because of simple game rules, “top” graphics, unlimited rewards. And in this article we will introduce the 5 most popular games here for everyone to consider experiencing. Surely playing is addictive, get many great bonuses.

What’s interesting at shooting fish Hi88?

Although there are hundreds of different bookies and online game portals on the market today, Hi88Club is still the first choice of many online hunters because:

What’s interesting at shooting fish Hi88?

  • Fish shooting products are provided by world famous game publishers such as: CQ9, JDB, JILI, FA Chai … so the quality and prestige of the game is probably not controversial.
  • The liquidity at Hi88 is super fast, in just a moment you have received the money into your account.
  • Super hunting promotions, from deposit, refund to weekend offers… It’s a good opportunity to the Bettors take advantage to get more experience capital.

Top 5 most attractive Hi88 fish shooting games today

The fish shooting game store at Hi88 now has hundreds of different games. However, the 5 “super products” that we introduce below will definitely bring you interesting experiences.

Fishing Hi88 – Jackpot Fishing

This is a very popular fishing game from the popular publisher JILI. Jackpot Fishing was launched on the market 3 years ago but its attraction has not shown any signs of cooling down.


Fishing Hi88 – Jackpot Fishing

In addition to receiving rewards when hunting Bosses in the game, you also have a chance to win a super huge Jackpot if you are lucky during the experience. In addition, the tournaments organized by JILI also give players the opportunity to receive many valuable gifts such as: Game consoles, free JILI playing cards, …

Classic Hi88 Fishing – Cai Shen Fishing

Cai Shen Fishing is the first version of the popular game “Shoot the God of Fortune”. This game is JDB’s “baby” with many interesting features that make players fall in love from the first experience.

In the game, you will be able to choose one of 3 rooms to join. The smallest room will have a bonus of 0.3 points (ie 300 VND) and the highest will be 300 points (ie 300,000 VND). Just hunting the god fish, the player has a chance to get a huge x1000 bonus.

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Shooting fish Hi88 – 5 Dragon Fishing

Continuing to be another super game of JDB that is bombarding all online playgrounds today, that is 5 Dragon Fishing. For this game, players will hunt dragon balls to win huge bonuses up to 9000 times their stake.


Shooting fish Hi88 – 5 Dragon Fishing

Bao Chuan Fishing

Bao Chuan Fishing is a new version of the famous Pirate Fish Shooting game for a while. All objectives, weapons, features to game graphics have been upgraded, impressing players right from the first experience.

In the main hall of this Hi88 fish shooting game, you have the right to choose a game room: Phat Tai, Phu Ong or Treasure Ship to experience. During the race, a lot of Boss fish and special items will appear continuously, offering the opportunity to win huge bonuses, such as: Treasure Ship x300 times, Magic Compass x500 times…

Shoot fish Hi88 – Star Hunter

Those who are passionate about exploring the ocean to redeem rewards can’t help but try StarHunter, which is very attractive. The ocean arena will be teleported to the galaxy, sea creatures will become fighters.

The system of weapons and goals in the game makes players overwhelmed by the variety and richness. There are up to 4 different cannon and gun choices to increase firepower, chase targets. In addition, creating a super cool Boss fish is also what makes players excited.

Reveal the secret to shooting Hi88 fish effectively, get many bonus coins

This is basicallyis a simple entertainment game, easy to play, no need to learn the rules to join the battle right away. However, in order to hunt many sea creatures and receive many bonus coins, you need to learn and apply some of the following tips:

  • Shoot as soon as you see the fish swim out of the table, because that’s when the fish’s blood is weakest, easiest to shoot dead.
  • When playing shooting fish Hi88, you need to “whether rice picks up fish sauce”, that is, looking at your capital and choosing a target accordingly. Don’t be fooled to hunt the boss fish while the capital is too small, the weapon is too bad, it only fades faster.
  • Flexible use of weapons when hunting is also something you should remember and apply. Don’t shoot the same bullet and gun forever. Flexibly use the arsenal you have to kill as many fish as possible.

Above are a few interesting Hi88 fish shooting games and tips to conquer effective games bet players can refer to. I wish you guys to be sure gunners, shoot well to receive the maximum bonus coins from the house every day.

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