188BET Promotion – Lots of Gifts, Variety of Programs

nhà cái 188bet promotion offers all members at the house the best gaming experience. You will have the opportunity to earn a lot more money in addition to the rewards received in the game thanks to these offers. To discover the latest bonus programs we have collected and presented the information in this article.

1.The role of promotion 188BET

Dealer promotions play an important role in attracting and retaining players. This is a marketing strategy through providing incentives, rewards and discounts to stimulate customers to join and continue to experience the bookie’s services.

With attractive 188BET promotions, the bookie can attract new players, expand your base and increase revenue. At the same time, incentives also help retain existing customers, create cohesion and increase the possibility of becoming a stable source of income for the house.

Ultimately, the aim of the house incentive is to create an attractive and fair betting environment for you. To enjoy all the benefits of the bonus program, bettors need to carefully read and understand the terms and conditions.

188BET promotion gives members the best gaming experience

2. Currently 188BET has what incentives?

188BET house has many bonus programs for all types of players as follows:

2.1 First deposit promotion

The first deposit bonus program that the house offers to encourage new players to register and make a deposit to their account. This is a way for bookies to welcome new bettors and encourage them to join the betting experience.

Usually, the 188BET first deposit promotion will offer a percentage discount or bonus based on your deposit amount. For example, the bookie may give the bettor a bonus equivalent to a percentage of the amount they deposit into the account.

100% first deposit bonus

Send money instantly, get an iPhone 14 Plus 128GB

Xem : khuyến mãi 188bet

2.2 Latest promotions 2023

At the home page of the bookie, there is a “New Promotion” section, here are the latest updated programs in 2023 including:

Summer Festival at 188BET

Take on the challenge at Casino tables in Europe

Platinum Hall Ancient Mask Tournament – 1.88 billion VND total prize

Ancient Mask Tournament – 7.52 billion VND total prize

Join the wheel to receive many lucky gifts of June

4 in 1 cashback program with betting products

2.3 Promotion 188BET gives bonus bet refund

Cashback program, also known as Cashback, is a type of incentive that bookmakers offer to players. Thereby, the bettor receives a part or all of the money lost when betting.

The bookie can refund part of the risk fee or the amount lost in the event that you lose your bet. Or the house can also refund a fixed percentage of the total bet amount placed.

188BET cashback promotion can be applied to all types such as Sportsbook, Casino, Lottery, Fantasy Sports, Slots. Usually, the payout is calculated based on the total bets placed over a certain period of time.

Screenshot 2

Bet Return Program, also known as Cashback

2.4 Exclusive Events for Online Casino

Incentive events of the online casino at the house are the activities or programs that the bookie organizes to facilitate attracting you to participate in the games:

Every day of the week, bonus bet with the amount of 3,000,000 VND

Lucky 8 double event with total prize money up to 1,000,000 VND a day

3.Notes when participating in gift giving events

When participating in the house’s bonus program, players should note the following:

3.1 Read the terms carefully

Before participating in any 188BET promotion, you should carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of the offer. You pay attention to the terms of wagering requirements, offer period, withdrawal restrictions, and other regulations.

3.2 Check wagering requirements

Some giveaway events require bettors to wager a certain amount before the bonus can be withdrawn. So players please check the wagering requirements before joining and make sure you meet this requirement.

3.3 Track the offer period

Some 188BET promotions are limited in duration, so make sure you enter within the allotted time. If you are already registered, make sure to fulfill the requirements and complete the offer within the allotted time so as not to lose your benefits or bonuses.

Screenshot 3

Some events have a limited time, so enter within the allotted time

3.4Read about payment methods

See if the promotion applies to all payment methods or only to some. This ensures that you can use the right payment method and are not excluded from the rewards program.


The 188BET promotion offers players new experiences and opportunities for high profits. Before participating in any event you need to carefully read the requirements and terms so as not to lose chance to receive rewards.

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