Discover the Rules of Virtual Horse Racing – Win Real Money at 789BET

Discover the rules of virtual horse racing online at 789BETs, experience the thrill of betting and winning for real money. With the odds updated regularly, bettors can also increase their chances of winning big. Let’s explore the details in today’s article!

1.Online horse racing concept

Virtual horse racing is currently one of the most popular forms of online betting on the European market. In particular, it is not only a sport but also brings great economic value to many countries around the world.

Virtual horse races are also provided with full information about horse racing rules, horses, laps and the results of the match, creating the feeling of watching live on the racing floor.

The era of technology has opened up new opportunities for horse racing enthusiasts, so bettors can immediately experience online races without having to wait as much as when participating in races. reality.

Specifically, in just 3-5 minutes, players can follow, place bets on the 789BET house game portal and wait for promising results.

2.The most detailed guide to horse racing rules

To participate in actual races, you need to go to the racecourse location and wait for the start of the match. Meanwhile, virtual horse racing can take place continuously 24/7, allowing bettors to participate at any time they want.

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In order to help readers take advantage of this and succeed in this sport, 789BET will share the full rules of horse racing right here.

2.1 Betting time

The betting time in virtual horse racing matches will depend on the rules of each bookmaker. Each brand will specify its own specific betting time, but in general, the race will usually take place within 3 to 5 minutes.

This has helped participants conveniently place bets and track the results of the match. At 789BET betting portal, betting times will be adhered to as follows:

Time to join the match and start the match takes only 15 seconds.

Horse information will be updated in 10 seconds.

Time for players to choose and bet on their favorite horse will be from 5 to 10 seconds.

Match results will be announced within 10 seconds.

3. Popular bets in virtual horse racing rules

Each match usually has a minimum of 8 horses or a maximum of 12 horses. This also more or less affects the odds of the race. In the virtual horse racing rules of 789BET, players can participate in attractive bets such as:

3.1 Bet on the pair of “horses” to the top

Players will proceed to predict the 2 horses that are likely to finish first and win the first, second and bet places.

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In case of correctly guessing both horses and matching the rank, the player bet will receive the highest reward.

If the rank is not matched, the participant will still receive a reward, but not as high as the maximum reward.

In the event that there is a “horse” in or out of the top 2 order, you will be disqualified and will not receive any rewards.

3.2 Betting on finishing position

This is considered one of the most difficult bets in horse racing. Here, participants need to analyze what position the horse they choose will be likely to and then bet.

Because of the increased difficulty, when experiencing this form and winning, bettors will get a higher bonus than other methods.

4.Tips to play virtual horse racing from the masters of 789BET

There is no denying that virtual horse racing is a very attractive and challenging genre that makes everyone very excited to participate. However, we should not bet based on emotions, but need to use experience and special skills to be able to make accurate betting decisions.

4.1 Observation & Analysis

For players who are masters, they always apply strategy and have meticulous observation in any subject. In particular, in virtual horse racing, focusing on observation is very important to make correct decisions.

This job will include monitoring, collecting information about the match and its happenings, thereby improving your chances of winning.

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4.2 Consult and look up match information

Although it is played through online form, the rules of horse racing, the way and the spirit of participation are no different from a real match. The horses participating in the tournament all have their own strengths and weaknesses, and will develop different abilities depending on the competition conditions.

Even a horse that has always won in previous matches does not guarantee that it will win the bet the player participates in. Therefore, to win, you need to evaluate and correctly judge the performance of the horses to choose the right object for each specific situation.

Hopefully, through the rules of horse racing and betting tips that shared today, bettors will confidently participate in this sport and reap many achievements.

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