Leather Lingerie: Benefit or Harm?

Every woman is in constant search for accessories and clothing items that emphasize the dignity of the figure, sexuality and make the image even more attractive to the opposite sex.

This, of course, is inherent in the nature of a woman – constantly changing something, experimenting with her appearance, changing style, adding new details to her look.

This is what we want to talk about further.

Leather lingerie has always been perceived ambiguously and still causes controversy about how comfortable and safe such “clothes” are for women’s health.

Opponents of this style say that leather underwear is impractical, unhygienic when worn for a long time on the skin, does not support the chest well, the body sweats in such underwear, and ugly marks and stripes from the straps remain on the skin.

At the same time, the defenders of this accessory, to which we consider ourselves, want to object that lingerie made of leather is not an option for every day. This is a great addition for a specific situation – a romantic evening, an erotic image at a party or a fetish for BDSM. You decide in what situation to wear it. However, we want to emphasize that the minuses will become pluses if you approach the choice correctly, follow the recommendations for wearing and caring for linen.

Rules for choosing and combining

When choosing women leather harness, ask yourself the question: “for what occasion do I want to buy it?” If you want to add something new to your wardrobe and add some quirkiness to your everyday look, but bras in the form of lattice or smooth leather are suitable for you. Harness bra can be worn over clothing. They also look good on translucent blouses, tops, bodysuits.

If you want to pick up a set for a romantic occasion and bring more passion to your sex life, then a set of bras and panties with exposed nipples, or lingerie bondage with locks on the pussy will suit you. Such accessories harmoniously complement the legs garter and collars for woman. This makes your image complete and especially erotic.

For lovers of role-playing games or BDSM parties, leather underwear full body harness, crotchless panties with cuffs, chokers sexual and bunny bondage will do.

In any case, before giving preference to one or another model, pay attention to the possibility of adjusting the length and fullness for your perfect fit. We also recommend choosing natural materials – natural vegetable tanned leather or natural patent leather. Now there are many new materials and technologies, but none of them can yet convey the sensations that arise when products come into contact with natural leather, smell, sound during friction, etc.

Rules for wearing leather underwear

For comfort and hygiene, it is recommended to choose the right size, taking into account the characteristics of your body. On thin girls, lingerie of complex weaving from thin straps and chains looks beautiful. For chubby ones, sets with wide belts without small elements, for example, with a cascade of their chains or with massive buckles or rivets, are better suited, leather corsets will also look spectacular on ladies with a large bust.

Universal options are a set of cage harness bra and panties full body lingerie harness.

The main rule is that your image should look sexy and feminine, and not vulgar, unless of course you set yourself such a goal or do not play thematic games. In this case, any solution that you feel comfortable with will suit you.

Hygiene and safety

Despite the seeming practicality and unpretentiousness, leather underwear is a rather “capricious” accessory. It is imperative to take care of him. This is important not only for the preservation of the appearance of the product, but also for your health and hygiene.

Leather underwear, like other accessories that come into contact with exposed areas of the body, must be cleaned. To do this, a soft cloth dipped in soapy water or detergent gel is suitable. Powder products can leave micro scratches on the material or fittings. It is enough to gently wipe the surface of the product, paying attention to the areas in the genital area, as well as clean the fittings with a dry cloth. It is not necessary to immerse leather products in water, let alone soak them; it is also not recommended to dry them in open sunlight.

Quality is more than just durability and beauty

When we recommend paying special attention to quality when choosing leather underwear, we mean not only the quality of the material and fittings, but also the quality of the design, its thoughtfulness. This means that the models provide the ability to adjust the straps using convenient locks and buckles, which should be easy and secure to fasten and unfasten. The edges of the linen should not put pressure on the skin and leave a mark on it after wearing. Often, if you sweat, then low-quality dyes leave traces on the skin from staining with cheap dyes. All these points are important for your health, so they need to be taken into account.

Well-known brands such as Obsessharness always post such information on the website, product pages or social networks. So, the edges are processed by the technology of rounding the edges, and the coloring takes place with the help of water-based paints. These details, although they are more technical and production details, are most directly related to your comfort in the process of wearing leather underwear.

Even if you are not often going to use such a product and decide to buy it for a special occasion, then the choice must be correct and responsible.

We wish you good luck and courage, because underwear, leather and feminine charm are a guarantee of your success and admiration from your partner.

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