How to write a resume of a trainer?

A coach is a highly sought-after profession today. Accordingly, more and more people with different levels of education, experience and self-presentation seek to occupy such a popular position. When applying for a job, you need to have a good professional background. It may be small, but if you present it correctly, the employer will definitely pay attention to you.

A well-crafted resume is the backbone without which everything falls apart. You can write an athletic trainer resume, an instructor by using ready-made samples. First, look at how the club, in which you are going to get a job, positions itself.

Structure of the resume

How to write a resume of a trainer2

Personal information/presentation. First name, middle name, last name, year of birth. Your position. How you introduce yourself. Leave actual contact information: phone, e-mail, messengers.

Education. Where did you study on the coach (courses, school, college), be sure to specify the profile education. Due to the specifics of the profession, it is not the main one for most applicants. But first on the list must be specified not the university that you graduated from (in 90% of cases other specialty), but the courses that made you a trainer.

Additional education. In this paragraph indicate something that may not directly relate to the position. Here you may also note your previous educational achievements, related professions.

Work experience. Here you should chronologically line up your professional coaching activities. But if the list of items get a lot, leave only the main ones. If you coach without experience, honestly specify it. But put the emphasis on the practice during training, on individual achievement.

Photo. Usually a photo is located next to the item “Personal information. Of course, applying for the position of a coach, you need to show your own form.

Professional Responsibilities. List the functions you performed, what you did specifically. You can elaborate on what groups you worked with, what direction you mastered.

Personal qualities. About 5-6 words, describing you as a person.

How to write a resume of a trainer1

Additional information. You can specify here, whether you are married, whether you have children. Here are also written knowledge of foreign languages, driving experience and other information, which is only indirectly related to professional activities.

It is not always appropriate to state your salary level on your resume. Do it only if you are a free agent and are planning to make a competition among potential employers yourself. If you are sending a resume to a specific company, the financial issue will be negotiated after you have been invited to the job (or at least to an interview).

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