Asian Handicap and experience in playing Asian Handicap effectively

Asian Handicap This is a type of bet that many Vietnamese football bettors love. This is one of the types of bets that is considered the most attractive and easy to play. In this article shared by New88, let’s learn more about  Asia as well as effective playing experience.
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What is Asian Handicap?

Asian Handicap This is a type of bet that online bookmakers like New88 focus on developing for the Asian market. This bet is used to evaluate the strength of both teams in the match, as well as create balance according to the player’s perception.

Asian Handicap Also known by familiar names, such as Handicap odds, Handicap odds, Macau odds,… Accordingly, this is also the foundation for bets such as over/under odds, yellow card odds, corner kicks,…

With Asian handicap, the time counted in a soccer betting match is the official 90 minutes plus extra time. Therefore, after 90 minutes of the match ends, the house will determine which player will win or lose the bet.

In case the match is extended to extra time, there will be an additional 1 Asian handicap Only 30 minutes of extra time are counted.

Asian Handicap Helps determine which team is stronger and wins. Along with their own analysis and judgment, players will be able to make the right choices.

The most popular Asian odds

Same ball bet (also known as 0 ball): The same ball bet is offered when the house evaluates the two teams as having equal strength. If the player bets on a team and that team wins, the player will win the bet, and vice versa.

Half-ball odds (also known as 0.25 balls): This bet means that the house estimates that the upper team will handicap the team under 1 at a rate of 0.25 goals. The player who bets on the upper team will win when the upper team wins, will lose half the money when there is a draw and will lose all the money when losing to the lower team.

Half-left handicap (also known as 0.5 left): With half-left handicap, the house evaluates the upper team handicapping the lower team as 0.5 left. The player who bets on the upper team will win all the money when the upper team wins, and will lose all the money when the score is a draw or loses to the lower team.
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Half-one handicap (also known as 0.75 goals): The upper team handicaps the lower team by 0.75 goals according to the bookmaker’s opinion. Accordingly, the player who bets on the upper team will win if the upper team wins by 2 goals, wins half the money if the upper team wins by 1 goal, and will lose money if it draws or loses to the lower team.

Handicap 1 goal: The house evaluates the upper team to handicap the lower team by 1 goal. The person betting on the upper bet will win when the upper team wins by 2 goals, draw money when they win by 1 goal, and lose money when they lose to the lower team.

And the next bets are calculated similarly.

Play Asian handicap effectively at New88

Check odds at reputable websites and forums

Choosing reputable websites like New88 to check Asian handicap will help players increase their winning rate. The information that a reputable website brings to visitors will be the most realistic and accurate information.

At the same time, participating in reputable football betting forums is also a top choice for players. Here, forum members will be able to learn from each other’s soccer betting experiences, update news together… to make their own betting decisions.

Choose bets based on fluctuations

During the match, football betting house New88 introduces changes to the odds. It can be small movements or it can be big fluctuations. Suppose the odds change from 0.5 to 0 and at the same time the bet also increases with the latter being 0.25, the player should also choose the under bet. However, in some cases, fluctuations are the house’s lure and you need to understand how to avoid this trap set by the house.

Choose reasonable odds

Often, bookmakers will offer many different odds such as Asian handicap, European odds, shaking odds, over/under odds, corner kicks… to attract players to bet. However, you must choose your favorite type of bet, with the least financial risk to increase your winning rate.

What is the difference between Asian and European handicaps?

Asian Handicap and European odds have many differences, players also need to understand the following characteristics:

  • European odds tend to favor a draw. Still Asian handicap again tends to increase to 0.25, and players often bet on the home team.
  • Asian Handicap tend to decrease, but European odds are almost unchanged. High winning odds will be for players who bet on the away team.


Hopefully with the information New88 sports Share above, players Asian handicap have gained more useful experiences. Don’t miss the articles about good tips that are constantly updated on New88’s website. Wishing you good luck always!

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